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<Mon> 29.12.08 (2100 hours)

• Added thoughts on the thinking page.. I haven't done that in ages... perhaps even years. I was reading the Sunday paper and... well it' was weird..

• The 6 shifts in a row with only 2 days off inbetween is really wearing...

<Sun> 28.12.08 (0355 hours)

• Added funny pictures to the

My ankle is a bit better but I still can't walk on it properly.

Somar's away in Sydney - She's back Fri night the 2nd of Jan aroun 9.30 pm.
• Been doing lots of overtime shifts (including xmas and boxing day) with more overtime shifts to come - see my roster at the bottom of this page.
• A bit late but Evonne and Marty's Blackstar is rockin and rollin!:

• I think this event deserves a mention On Sun Dec 14th 2008 Muntadhar al-Zaidi threw his shoes at George Bush. Bloody marvelous:
Here's Al-Zaidi Go Al!
Bush ducks Nice ducking!

<Thur> 11.12.08 (2100 hours)

• Managed to put my leg in the way of my motorbike falling over. Result; bad sprain.

• Been adding more and more to www.marc-jager.deviantart.com


<Sun> 30.11.08 (2325 hours)

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is a massively-multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) based on the world and works of acclaimed author Robert E. Howard.  In Age of Conan, players enter Hyboria with thousands of their friends and enemies to live, fight, and explore the dark and brutal world of King Conan.   «- My 'Age of Conan' pages
  Pg1 Pg2 Pg3 Pg4 Pg5 Pg6. <- NEW!
I've stopped playing....


• Fixed up the alignment of art pages - wooo exciting

<Tue> 25.11.08 (2325 hours)

• New pages from art.html ! New content!

• Nada mucho! A day of sleeping in and editing art and organising the art files and web-pages.

<Tue> 25.11.08 (0717 hours)

• Added new link (above under 'MY NEWS') for my art portfolio at deviantART (read below)

• Found an awesome site called 'deviantART' which allows you to upload all your art for free! Not only that but they print and sell your art in many different formats for you too! Check out my portfolio there:
• Have had coffee at Black Star twice now! Marty and Evonne have a new premisis for their roastery - Pics and details coming soon!y

<Thur> 20.11.08 (2200 hours)

• Nothing new here - Been without internet, then without computer for weeks!

• Enjoying the storms!

• Got a new computer (28th of Oct) and new monitor (13th Nov)!:
Intel Cor 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00GHz 3.00GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280


<Sun> 21.09.08 (1745 hours)

• Added more content to the 'interesting' page.
• Added 9/11 link here (above).
• Converted Links page to new format.

• We move out of our Hardgrave Road place and into the new place this Mon/Tuesday!
• Saw 'The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor' **, which was exactly how I expected it to be. Stupid but mildly amusing. *yawn* The main thing it had going for it, and infact the only reason I paid to see it, was that Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh were in it.

<Sun> 14.09.08 (1921 hours)

• Changed the 'interesting' page to new look and format as well as adding new content (link to video about amazing concept of DNA Folding and the ET question).

<Sat> 13.09.08 (2020 hours)

• Recently added more content to the 'interesting' page (links to sites about Alternative medicine/treatments).

• Saw 'Picasso & His Collection' at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA).
   It was great because apart from having quite a lot of Picasso's art it also had a lot from his own collection which had many other famous artists works.

One of the paintings that was there... Although the pinkish sections outside the painting (unfinished bits) were actually white which looks much better. (I'll fix it when/if I have the time).

<Sun> 07.09.08 (1900 hours)

• Started re-designing my whole site, beginning with this page. I'm trying to simplyfy it.
• Re-named 'cool stuff' page and links to 'interesting'. (It's still /cool.html)
• Added link to green glass phenomenon page on the interesting page. I'm curious about this phenonenon where people find large areas of sand or rock buildings which have become vitrified. (Long before we humans had the means to generate such incredible heat).
• Updated sitemap.

• Saw 'Taken'***1/2, starring Liam Neeson. I almost didn't go to see this one at the cinemas because I expected it to be a boring ,generic, hollywood revenge story. Boy was I wrong! I loved it!
• Reminiscing, with Raz, on the old arcade games we used to play we both remembered one of our all-time favourites: 'Xevious'
Also remembered 'Centipede' and 'Dig Dug'. There's a really comprehensive site if you're into that sort of thing: www.klov.com


<Fri> 29.08.08 (09:45 hours)

• I just had to add these funny You-Tube videos... Here and in Funnies
If you don't know the "Angry German Kid" (A video of a german gamer getting frustrated waiting for Unreal Tournament to load and then getting frustrated when he gets killed in the game), then watch that first.
The rest are videos compiled as gags with his video.
My Tribute to the freaky Angry German Kid:
Angry German Kid
Angry German Kid vs John Howard
Angry German Kid vs Age of Conan
          If you haven't seen the original "Numa Numa Guy" watch this first!
Angry German Kid vs Numa Numa Call me sick, but this is freakin hilaaaarious!
          If you haven't seen the original Dramatic Chipmunk, watch this first!
Angry German Kid vs Dramatic Chipmunk
          If you're not aware of Tom Cruise's scientology-related interview - see this first.
Angry German Kid vs Tom Cruise Scientologist

For many more just search "Angry German Kid VS" on YouTube... Hope you had fun                         BACK TO TOP OF PAGE

<Thur> 28.08.08 (1150 hours)

• Re-arranged Age of Conan pics and added new ones.

• Saw "Tropical Thunder" which was pretty funny.

<Sat> 16.08.08 (2110 hours)

• Re-shuffled the Age of Conan pages and added new pics, including my new character!

<Wed> 06.08.08 (1805 hours)

• Added Google Maps link icon (top of this page) - Trent e-mailed me a pic of my street which reminded me of the awesome 'Street View' feature that Google Maps has! (Lets view streets 3 dimensions)
• Added Food Direct.com.au link icon (top of this page) - I often get my groceries delivered at home through this online service.
• Added links to movies which I'll do from now on.

• Saw 'Wanted" **, last night. It was very corny (writing) but a lot of fun!
• In my Age of Conan gaming, Paxus has now reached level 56. I've made a major character change for him in that he's now using a Cross-Bow! The power difference is amazing and he can now shoot several enemies at once! Huge bonus!
• A travel blogg for Lou and Kris' overseas holiday! (www.getjealous.com/unicorn)

<Wed> 03.08.08

• Nothing

• Saw 'The Bank Job" ****, which was MUCH better than I expected!

JULY 2008                           BACK TO TOP OF PAGE

<Wed> 30.07.08 (0100 hrs)

• Added content to the of Age of Conan pages (Pg 1 Pg 2 & Pg 3) and created new page 4.  NEW PICS!
  - Paxus now level 50! : )

• Just saw 'The X-Files: I Want to Be' ** and was a bit disappointed with it. Overall it gave me a feeling of being tired.. With neither Scully or Moulder working for the FBI anymore it felt kinda sad and tired... The old 'X-Files feeling' just wasn't there.
• Feeling the post holiday blues - back to work tomorrow : (
• Learned that even serious diving watches which are water proof (to some serious depths) should never be worn in the shower! Seems logical when pointed out (steam can get into places where water under pressure can't) but it never occured to me that I shouldn't wear my water-proof watch in the shower!
• Learned that if you want to upgrade your mobile phone software you shuld remove the memory card first! The Nokia Software Upgrader I used didn't mention you should remove the memory card and now my mobile can't access the mem-card anymore. (It just keps prompting for a password which was never set in the first place. "3" (my mobile service provider) have credited me with $15 towards my next bill.

<Wed> 23.07.08 (1700 hrs)

• There's now 3 pages of Age of Conan. - Pg 1 Pg 2 & Pg 3 - NEW PICS on Pg 3 - Paxus now level 45 : )

• Still enjoying my holiday!
• Recently saw "Batman: The Dark Knight" **** with Anthony and Kristijana and Somar. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

<Mon> 21.07.08 (1900 hrs)

• Added new page and pics to the Age of Conan pages.

• Enjoying my holiday! (12 days off) - Paxus now level 43 : )

<Thur> 17.07.08 (1900 hrs)                           BACK TO TOP OF PAGE

• Added new pics to my Age of Conan page page2!
• Updated site map
• Updated this page

• Enjoying my holiday! (12 days off) - Paxus now level 38 : )

<Thur> 17.07.08 (1900 hrs)

• Added new pics to my Age of Conan page page! (A second page created too).
• Updated roster and show my annual leave in yellow. Starting tomorrow!!!! YAY!

• Saw "Hancock" a couple of weeks ago. Was really dissapointed. They should have left him as a bum-super hero.... but noooo... they had to make it into a story about a man improving himself... eeeesh...

<Sat> 05.07.08 (1900 hrs)

• Added some content to my own Age of Conan page.

<Fri> 04.07.08 (1300 hrs)

• Added some content to my own Age of Conan page.

<Thur> 03.07.08 (1300 hrs)

• Added some extra quick links for myself up top (www.iinet.net.au and www.three.com.au) and a new Age of Conan link (Feat calculator)
• Added some content to my own Age of Conan page.

• Applied for some leave. Should be 18th July - 29th July. Looking forward to it!!!

JUNE 2008                           BACK TO TOP OF PAGE

<Thur> 26.06.08 (2359 hrs)

• Updated this page to include new pic and link for Age of Conan! (Deletec the RF pic and links)

• Picked up my Age of Conan!!!! Installed and played for a few minutes -
*LOL* After fighting some crocodiles and a few human baddies my Ranger, 'Paxus' is now a proud level 3!

<Sun> 22.06.08 (1000 hrs)

• Fixed links on this page and clipped my roster.

• Seen "The Incredible Hulk" (2008), which was pretty good. Slightly better than the first Hulk movie...
• Got myself a 500GB external Hard Drive (from the post office of all places!) and did a massive back-up session.
• Got myself a Zboard keyboard and Age of Conan keyset.

<Sat> 14.06.08 (1130 hrs)

• Added cool optical illusion pic my Dad sent me to cool page and street soccer video from Evonne Andrews!
• Fixed the tuvie.com and designboom.com links on the links page.
• Rearranged this page.
• Fixed links to different years on the 2007 page.

• Hartley in Brisbane for 2 weeks from today

<Sat> 07.06.08 (1410 hrs)

• Added 2 links to links page. www.designboom.com www.tuvie.com They're cool sites I visit regularily to see what's new in the world.

<Fri> 06.06.08 (1300 hrs)                           BACK TO TOP OF PAGE

• Just tidied a few things up, typos etc. Updated SITEMAP and fixed Kira's page in FRIENDS.

• Turned 35 on the 4th.

<Mon> 02.06.08 (1300 hrs)

• Added video of a wild-life battle in Kruger National Park! AMAZING! Watch it! - This is the same national park that my parents used to us to.

MAY 2008

<Thur> 29.05.08 (1115 hrs)

• Added some toons I doodled at work to the art page>
see all in full size

• Very soon I'll be 35

<Mon> 26.05.08 (1300 hrs)                           BACK TO TOP OF PAGE

• Added video of real rocket-man, Yves Rossy, to Cool Stuff page!

• Halim's B'day was on Friday 23rd

<Wed> 21.05.08 (1155 hrs)

• Added video to funnies page! Check it out - Soooo funny!

• Nadda mucho news! RF Online is unplayable at the moment. Nikita is well and healed up. I bashed my noggin on the table at work and may even get a cool scare out of it.

<Sat> 17.05.08 (0230 hrs)

• Added photos of Kira Legaan!

• Yay for catchup time with Kira! I hadn't seen Kira for probably near 10 years!
• Starting to look at apartments in West End - Time to move!
• Saw "Iron Man" which was really good! Robert Downey Jr! Good stuff!

<Fri> 09.05.08 (0136 hrs)

• Added NEW PHOTOS from our recent'ish trip to Melbourne!

• work, rest and play!

<Wed> 30.04.08 (1136 hrs)                           BACK TO TOP OF PAGE

• Added days to roster for May and June. see below

• I drew on Somar's back while she was sleeping : )
• Pics of one of my Golioth M.A.U.s and my character in RF Online
   Goliath MAU boarded. (Me inside it)
   My character infront of 'parked' MAU : )

APRIL 2008

<Wed> 16.04.08 (1950 hrs)

• New RF ONLINE pic - That's me in my black MAU (Massive Armoured Unit)
• Changed MY ROSTER so you click the link at the top and see ANY date in 2008 - to see if I'm working or not.

• Nikita had an accident on the 5th April 2007. She had to have surgery and is now recovering at home.

MARCH 2008

<Wed> 12.03.08 (1930 hrs)

• Got rid of the damned annoying layer on the home page.... Grrr - no solution for the spacing problems. Going to start whole site over again..... one... day....

• Was in melbourne from the 6th to the 10th. Had a blast -> Photos? - maybe
• Still loving RF ONLINE!

<Mon> 03.03.08 (1550 hrs)

• No changes except working roster update. Don't ask my why the info above isn't lined up with the rest. It's a layers problem. Probably to do with differing screen resolutions. Will change it when I have the time ; )

• Can't believe it's already March! Biggest news - Going to Melbourne from 6th till 10th for $9.- each way!

FEBRUARY 2008                           BACK TO TOP OF PAGE

<Tue> 12.02.08 (1559 hrs)

• Adding LOADS of images to Clown Runner story board while listening to Blade Runner music
• Adjusted links and such on all FILM pages.
• Added and adjusted SITE MAP.

• Caught up with Damien Onofaro after over 14 years!!! He's getting back into flying. Currently doing his IR renewals and check flights.
• Saw an interstingly different and funny movie called "Brick". It's suspensful and exciting too.

<Sun> 03.02.08 (1815 hrs)

• Added a little to FILM page and the MOVIES page.
• MAJOR works done for Clown Runner. Story board begun.

• Saw "Notes on a Scandal" yesterday **1/2. It was a lot better than I expected!

<Sat> 02.02.08 (1122 hrs)

• Worked on Clown Runner script. Minor clean-ups and additions

<Fri> 01.02.08 (2040 hrs)

• Added footage of a Tawny Frogmouth to my YouTube page. The footage.

• Saw "Sweeny Todd" today **1/2 To see over 700 of my movie reviews and ratings, go to my Facebook page. If you're wondering about what good movie to watch, this page also has my favourite movies of all time. I think there's about 35.
• Cut the evil SUGAR out of my diet completely.

JANUARY 2008                           BACK TO TOP OF PAGE

<Thurs> 31.01.08 (1959 hrs)

• Added some mores images to the "CLOWN RUNNER" WORKSHOP page.

• Trying to decide what to focuse on this year... Flying? Film? ThinkItSellIt.com? others?...

<Tue> 29.01.08 (1700 hrs)

• Adjusted my Work Roster (above) and here's a late new year's pic of Anthony and Jason!

• Finished entire first draft of Clown Runner script! What am I talking about? Go -> "CLOWN RUNNER" WORKSHOP page.

<Tue> 22.01.08 (1959 hrs)

• Added some mores scripting work to the "CLOWN RUNNER" WORKSHOP page.

• Plodding along in life, have writetogod@yahoo.com up for sale on eBay - Don't get excited unless you have a spare two grand!
• Toying with the idea of going back to flying. It would take quite a while to achieve, but there's a shortage of pilots at the moment, so I'm looking into it.
• Been playing a new game, "Crysis" which is simply spectacular. Got 2 gig of RAM just so my computer could cope with it!

<Wed> 16.01.08 (1759 hrs)                           BACK TO TOP OF PAGE

• Added some extra info to FILM page. Will be adding ideas for future projects there.
• Added photos of Somar (and a bit of me) on her birthday to my Facebook site - Click on 'Photos'

• Got the promotion I wanted on monday!!!

<Tue> 08.01.08 (1000 hrs)

• Added to links page and this photo I took of Somy in the city after seeing "2 Days in Paris" (which we were pretty dissapointed in - It was annoying and frustrating to watch).
• Added 2 funny pics to Funnies page.

• The photo of the week!
"Where is the justice?!"

<Sun> 06.01.08 (0900 hrs)                           BACK TO TOP OF PAGE

• Added 2007 news page and links to 2007.
• The Elemental Works website has recently had new pieces added!

• The new year hasn't come with any great news or revalations - the plan is simply to take some holidays as soon as possible and to get stuff moving with business' so that I won't have to work at a 'job' in future years.
• Recent pic of a tramp: What were we doing in Beenleigh???

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